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Roof skulight

We design skylights of custom geometric form, which give attractiveness and functionality to the building (a large amount of light and additional ventilation options). Skylights are opened in mechanical way, or with the help of gear.

The supporting carcasses of the skylights can be different forms and materials:

  • Steel supporting carcass with steel nodes can be from stainles ssteel, galvanized or painted;
  • Supporting carcass of glass panel Fibro profiles with steel nodes;
  • Wooden supporting carcass with steel nodes; glued solid wooden carcass;
  • Other solutions according desires of the client.


Skylight’s cover:

  • Laminated tempered glass or glazing; additional transparent or colorful membranes will help to regulate solartraffic;
  • Polycarbonate cover, transparetor darken; thicknes sfrom 6 up to 25 mm;
  • ETFE pillows; possible additional sunlight control functions.




ETFE skylights consist of carcass, several layers of ETFE membrane, air supply system and compressor.