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Hangars for sports, events, warehousing, industrial and manufacturing activities, for agriculture.

We sell fully equipped hangars or individual hangar parts: PVC sheet covering (current carcass) or just the carcass.

Proposed hangar supports:

  • Galvanized Steel S235 welded supports.
  • Galvanized Structural SteelS350 GD + Z275MA bent profile versatile supports. Versatile profile support construction can be applied to all types’ of covers.
  • Aluminum profile and galvanized steel parts supports. Resistant to marine climate impacts. Suitable for mobile use.
  • Inflatable hangars – air-supported structures. Short production and installation deadlines, ability to carry out installation works without the help of professionals.


Proposed hangar covers:

  • PVC tilt 630-900 gr/m2;
  • Double layer PVC tilt with an air gap (with support or inflatable);
  • Double layer PVC tilt with expandable polystyrene bead filler;
  • Shaped tin sheet;
  • “Sandwich” type board – sandwich insulated panel;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • Glazed or tempered glass.


You can mix together different covers for hangar roof and walls: for example PVC tilt roof cover and galvanized and painted tin metal sheets for wall, and etc. PVC tilt cover – the least expensive of the proposed covers is made of high quality and durable PVC sheet, the choice of colors is here. This cover is fireproof according to DIN 4102 B1 requirements.

The installation of all the proposed types of supports is simple; we provide clients with drawings. We install, or help to organize the installation.

Proposed gates:

  • PVC tilt gates: curtains, sliding, wrapped;
  • Speed gates: spiral or roll system. Used in industrial, trade and internal storage areas;
  • Standard gates: sectional lift, sliding, swing.

Proposed windows: transparent reinforced PVC tilt, transparent not reinforced PVC tilt, polycarbonate, glazed glass with or without plastic frames.

Proposed doors: metal, plastic, with glazed glass or with filler [/callout]

 Angarai1 Bent profile versatile supports for hangars. Suitable for all kinds of covers: “sandwich” type panel, PVC tilt, the metal sheet.
 Angarai2 Farm reconstruction – bent profiles roof construction. Cover – „sandwich“ type panel.
 Angarai5 Hangar h3x8x65m, truss galvanized steel support, grey PVC tilt 630 gr/m2. Moletai district, Vilnius.