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We offer a wide range of solutions for prefabricated facade constructions. Our experienced staff will help you to determine, which solution is the most appropriate, in order to achieve customer’s or architects desired architectural, constructive, and technical parameters.

Prefabricated facades, which composite elements are produced in factory, and assembled on construction site. Already collected carcass holes are filled with various fillings: (impenetrable and transparent glazing, thermopanels, various opening and designed windows, and etc.). Already proved solutions ensure stability of facade constructions, tightness, heat and sound isolation, flexible architectural solutions.

Frameless glass facades can be used both for installation of thermal walls (packets) and for decoration of building facade (mono glass). Current glass processing technologies allow creation of original appearence of building’s facade or their fragments. For this point,variously decorated packages or glass with various dotted fittings of different constructions are used. Glassware can be fixed to the floor of the building, to the columns set on necessary distance or to the specially equipped constructional works. One layered glass facades without frames and excellent appearence of the building also perform other functions: they suppress the external noise, improve the microclimate of the building (in the winter facade creates a greenhouse effect and heats the building, in the summer it creates a chimney effect, and the walls of the building are additionally ventilated).


Stiklo fasadai1Geometric glass facades of spherical part or geodestic dome – MIX..








One layered carcasses for transparent constructions 








WaterPark – SeaWavePool. Ventilated facade, aluminum composite panel. Spatial carcass. Front glass part can be opened, glazing with one layered geodesic carcass SKY-GEO.








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