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Geodesic geometry constructions

Due to their unique geometry, these constructions are quickly installed, with stand high wind and snow loads. Combining modules together, you can create an impressive set of modules. The wide choice of dimensions, designs, colors and functions is present. Icosahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron geometric forms.

Possibility of different options of support constructions:

  • Steel carcass (stainless, galvanized, painted);
  • Wooden carcass (impregnated, painted);
  • Fiberglass profile frames;
  • Aluminum carcass.

The dome carcass can be covered with different standard roof covers: (glass or glazing, OSB or Aquapanel, bitumen tiles, facade tin sheet, facade composite panels, multi-layered cover, PVC tilt cover).



Various dome shaped constructions – MIX


22m Merkines glass dome, LT


34m leisure centre – Zoo Safari Borysew, PL


One layered geodetic carcass – SKYGEO