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Gates for warehouses, manufacturing and agricultural buildings

Proposed gates systems and the materials used:

  • Wrapped gates (roller shade type): PVC material. Width – up to 4 m, height– up to 8 m. Wider than 4m. gates are used only with electric motor.
  • Industrial speed gates: PVC material, galvanized steel and aluminum fittings. Width - 3, 5-6 m, height - 3, 75-6 m. Opening speed 1, 5 m/s. Fireproof category B2.
  • Curtain type gates: PVC material, various grids (for gyms). Width and height are unlimited.
  • Sliding gates: PVC material, various materials panels (moisture resistant plywood, aluminum composite panel, tin sheet, polycarbonate, plastic). The width of the sliding tilt gates is unlimited, andheight, depending on installation conditions, can reach up to 15 meters.

All types of gates can be used with electric motor and remote control.
PVC textile materials with B1/M2 fire proof category, material colorcan be customized. Photo sensitive conductive gates– made of reinforced, transparent PVC sheet, horizontal transparent (not reinforced) PVC tilt windows. All metal parts – sections, rails, casters, hooks, and screws are galvanized in white color.

Use of folding, sliding gates save large part of floor area. Such gates, because of their safety and comfort,are very popular in garages, machine wash services, workshops, ship building industry, supermarkets. It is also great for farming, for example, installing laying doors for protection against fire.

We offer multipurpose protective curtains, nets. They are widely adaptable to sporting complexes, space subdivision, and warehouse space division. From PVC material produced curtains – are high quality, maintenance-free, durable. This is – a practical and cost-effective solution, when there is a need of separation between a room and an outdoor plot. Hooks are perfectly adapted to the railing form, so it slides smoothly and easily. Height and width are unlimited. Materials used: transparent or reinforced PVC textile, various nets, galvanized steel.